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Television monitor reclaims the laser cut technology that use
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Compare with photograph of technology of competitor diamond cut, laser cut technology has following advantages: The first, cut rate is rapid, the sheet of Proventia Automation stimulate radial solution, have year of processing 500, the ability of 000 CRT. The 2nd, the CRT glass quality of the depart that this solution produces is very high, can sell CRT manufacturer this kind of glass directly. Seeing this from economic angle is very important, with it is coequal and important to achieve the goal of 65% . The 3rd, the locomotive cost of this solution is inferior, than changing regularly because of the price of CO2 gas tank and certain mirror diamond curiums want petty gain much. The dust that laser cut produces in cut process is gotten less also much, reduced healthy to the worker effect thereby.

CRT reclaims the outlet that the crucial factor that use is glass. Now, besides use at making new CRT besides, still do not have the application of other respect, use this kind of glass can large-scaly. Because, the sale of flat monitor is in mushroom, already many people conveyed the care to market of vitreous make repairs and supply replacements. But, the market that produces business and other independence organization to undertake by television and monitor considers to make clear: In future inside 5 years, come from the amount say, CRT still takes main place in indication domain, year output will exceed 100 million 4 ten million. Because, CRT manufacturer but from inside using reclaiming CRT data, save a large number of cost and energy cost, reclaim company not only business fiery, and still be helpful for protecting an environment.

So far, proventia Automation already provided a system to Finland, provided two systems to England, xiang Deguo provided a system. In the Finnish device of CRT- Finland (Forssa) , it is the first Finnish device, having the effect of pioneer and experiment. Now, it lies already completely in commercializing movement, on the technology, it can handle the CRT rubbish on all Finnish markets. In two equipment of England, one is in Shore Recycling (Perth, scotland) , another is in Citiraya (Hirwaun, wales) , already was at the beginning of 2005 movement. German equipment installs the copartner in Proventia- - ZME Elektronik Recycling (Heuchelheim) , already also finished 2005. Proventia Automation is in with the United States, China reclaim the company negotiates, the hope can be in 2005, deliver the first equipment over there.

The general manager Rauno Partanen of CRT Finland Oy uses circularly in comment CRT and say when laser cut method: “ considers to enter CRT to reclaim when us industry when, to us, a serious problem is: After processing, the utilization rate of material should be very high. We choose laser, greatly of the basis is this. Because differ two kinds,the glass of the type comes apart, can sell a good price glass. It is very important to have a bit, be in namely glass by recycle before, must undertake cleaning, accordingly, we are cleaning a technology to do this thing in what use Proventia. We already reclaimed in electronic equipment technical respect had a large number of investment, accordingly, we can put forward further now: Want the recycle rate television and monitor, rise 90% (calculate by weight) . To us, still having a bit also is very important, namely our whole craft (cut and clean) it is dry, accordingly, we need not be handled with the problem ” that cleans contaminative liquid to concern.
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