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Television monitor reclaims the laser cut technology that use
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Electronic rubbish is a global problem. Because human society develops to emerge in endlessly very quickly with new technology, the amount of deserted electron equipment is in with day leap. These rubbish since a kind of resource, also be a kind of burden.

Electron and electric equipment contain a lot of valuable metals and other material, from the point of the viewpoint of circular economy, make they become a kind of resource completely likely, because be after proper processing, the applied value of these material can be shown. Electronic equipment, especially old electronic equipment still contains a few harmful material, if chromium of lead, cadmium, 6 price and bromine change fire retardant,wait. To control these evil stuff, the European Union is in formulate a new electronic facility absorption method, namely WEEE- dictates (about deserted and electric the instruction 2002/96/EC) with electronic equipment. The United States (a few administrative divisions that include California inside) , after China and other each country also tighten therewith.

Use a field circularly in electronic equipment, reclaim CRT (CRT) is a the mainest task, because its amount is very large, and, new flat video and digital technology are replacing old CRT quickly, deserted CRT will be increasing. These CRT contain lead and phosphor, these material are harmful to environment and health. Lead is in funnel glass (backboard) inside, and phosphor is advanced li of side of vitreous board.

The beam of light that comes from laser of 1.5kw Rofin-Sinar CO2 cuts CRT two shares

Europe's new electronic facility absorption method (WEEE- instruction) , be through building a series of about how reclaiming and reclaim should generate the code such as what result, come to those who handle CRT reclaim of the problem. According to WEEE- instruction, 65% of television or monitor weight, must be circulated to use. It returns a regulation: CRT must be taken out from inside pack, undertake handling alone. In addition, the layer must mix the apparently fluorescence inside vitreous board to keep clear of thoroughly surely. This kind reclaims the technology must satisfy following requirements: The first, must become CRT cut two parts, only safety of will fluorescent layer mixes such ability keep clear of thoroughly. Next, should reclaim the implementation that the technology must assure undermentioned end: Namely the recycle rate of old television or monitor, 65% what should achieve its weight, more perhaps. If depart vitreous material (board glass and funnel glass) the job is done very well, be in namely board the funnel glass that does not include to contain lead in glass, do not include in funnel glass too much board glass, so, this target of 65% is not difficult implementation; Sell CRT manufacturer these data, can realize corresponding value. In addition, reclaim to the operation for the worker of equipment, this craft must height is safe.

Proventia Automation (Kempele, finland; is one it is technically reclaim, pack the company that provides automation solution with electronic industry. Now, it had developed the industrial solution of a kind of CRT in using deserted television and monitor to reclaim, already obtained patent. The core in this solution is laser cut craft. Before cut television or monitor are packed, must demolish the electronic parts inside. After this, will bare CRT sends laser beam cutting machine. This cut opportunity measures its volume automatically, choose correct cut procedure according to its size again next. Then, CRT is moved to come cut area, over, the beam of light that comes from laser of 1.5kw Rofin-Sinar CO2 cuts CRT two shares. This laser is minutely but cut 1-2 CRT, cut speed and CRT size are concerned. Next, need undertakes cleaning to the around glass inside CRT. Take out a metal gobo and insert a foot, suck phosphorescence material with cleaner, had saved it, regard harmful material as processing later. Glass mixes the funnel that contains lead not to contain lead board glass is cleaned in what develop by Proventia Automation clean in beat. After this, these are treated glass can sell CRT manufacturer, use at producing new CRT.
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