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Machine tool numerical control transforms plan to reach its to carry out
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Position of reasonable arrangement new system reachs wiring
Design blueprint according to new system, reasonable undertake new system is configured, include casing fixed, face plate is put, circuit is moved toward and fixed, adjust yuan of parts of an apparatus the position, sealed reach necessary adornment to wait. The job that connect a line must divide the work clear, somebody checks examine, do not have even means of line technology standard, line suitably, correctly in order to ensure by accident, reliable and beautiful.
Debug must undertake by the move that defines beforehand and requirement. Debug personnel to answer cool-headed, record at any time, so that discovery is mixed,solve a problem. Sensitivity of safe protection system tries above all in debugging, prevent accident of person, equipment to happen. Debug the spot to must clear clean, without surplus goods; Each motion coordinate procrastinates board be in position of total travel center; Can carry a test for nothing, the to load after carrying for nothing first; Can of imitating test, first the fact after imitate is moved; Hotshot moves, after on the offensive is moved automatic.
4, check and accept reach later period job
Check and accept the job to should invite the personnel that concern to attend jointly, check and accept a standard to undertake by what already made. Transformed later period job is very main also, it is helpful for project technology level rise and make equipment as early as possible put into production. Check and accept reach later period job to include:
Function of machine tool machinery is checked and accept
Be repaired through machinery and transform and maintain in the round, each mechanical function of the machine tool should achieve a requirement, geometrical precision should be inside formulary limits.
Electric control function and control precision are checked and accept
Each function must achieve electric pilot the motion is normal, acute but * . The function that controls itself of precision application system (if the pace enters dimension to wait) with standard metrological implement (wait like measuring instrument of laser interferometer, coordinate) contrast examination, reach precision range in. Still answer to make contrast with each function of the machine tool before transforming and precision at the same time, obtain quantified index difference.
Test specimen cutting is checked and accept
Can consult to concern standard of test specimen of cutting of numerical control machine tool domestic and internationally, next undertaking trying cutting cooperate in personnel of qualified jockey, process designing. Test specimen cutting can check and accept contrail of force of machine tool stiffness, cutting, noise, motion, related action to wait, should not be commonly use product part to make test specimen use.
Blueprint, data is checked and accept
After the machine tool is transformed, should seasonable blueprint (include graph of principle graph, configuration plan, hookup, echelon to wait) , data (include of all kinds manual) , transform archives (before including to transform, all sorts of records after) collect, arrange, deliver file. Those who carry a data is complete, effective, successive, of this pair of this equipment it is very important that stability will move henceforth.
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