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Machine tool numerical control transforms plan to reach its to carry out
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Debug measure is as certain as what check and accept a standard
After new electrical system is transformed, how to undertake debugging and check and accept a standard reasonably certainly, also be technical preparation work is important one annulus. Debug the job to involve mechanical, hydraulic pressure, electric, control, pass feeling, because this must be undertaken by project controller, other personnel cooperates. Debug measure to be able to conform to the principle of simplicity numerous, arrive as a child big, from outside to in undertake, also but first local hind overall situation, the system is rectified to undertake after subsystem first. Checking and accept a standard is the assessment of pair of new systems, when making must be practical and realistic, exorbitant or too low level is met negative to transforming the job to arise effect. Once the standard comes down certainly, cannot revise easily, because of it drag in arrives whole each link that transform the job.
3, transform carry out
After planning working be in order, can enter transformed executive phase. Executive phase content presses time order cent to be:
Of primary machine tool maintain in the round
After machine tool classics is used for a long time, land of can different level is in the respect existence blemish such as mechanical, hydraulic pressure, lubricant, cleanness, want to undertake maintaining in the round above all so. Next, answer a machine tool to make the geometrical precision before changing, dimension precision measure, on record. Can have directive and referenced effect to transforming the job already so, can make comparative analysis use when transforming an end again.
The electric part maximize of reservation is adjusted
If be made to electrical system local transform, answer reservation electric part undertakes maximize is adjusted maintaining mixing. If the spare parts of strong report part changes, of electric machinery maintain, the drying of transformer is isolated from, contaminative cleanness, of ventilated and cooling device clean, the maximize of servo actuating device is adjusted, of ageing wire cable newer, join close solid is waited a moment. Had done meticulous maximize to adjust the job to the electric part of reservation only, the machine tool after ability assures to transform has inferior fault rate.
Primary system is demolished
Of primary system demolish must contrast former blueprint, undertake carefully, number is made in time on blueprint, prevent to omit or tear open too (local transform the) below the circumstance. Also can discover in the process that tear open a few new systems design medium defective part, should seasonable complement and amend, tear open the system below and spare parts to answer classify, appropriate is custodial, in order to have in case do not transform a success or restore to use when local failure. Still have fair use value, can make spare parts of other machine tool use. Extravagant of avoid by all means, throw chaos to put in disorder.
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