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Machine tool numerical control transforms plan to reach its to carry out
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Duration accuses machine tool electrical system to transform, do not include this machine tool certainly whole electrical system, answer to decide according to determine scientificly and be being analysed its transform limits. Stop machine transformed cycle, the actual condition according to each enterprise is affirmatory, consideration element has level of technology of manufacturing intensity pitch, staff, preparation to work size of sufficient level, new system and complex degree, still include weather situation to wait even. Crave for greatness and success of avoid by all means, be eager to hope for success, hurried go into battle, but also want reasonable arrangement, prevent dilatory.
2, transformed technical preparation
The technology before transforming prepares to fill dispenses to deny, deciding to transform greatly whether gain a success. The technology prepares to include:
Mechanical part prepares
To cooperate electric the measurement that the mechanical overhaul that transform and needs to undertake transforms, computation, design, plot, spare parts is made etc should in advance is finished. Need to tear open to stopping machine hind at the same time, change, the ministry classify of treatment should plan to end beforehand, put forward to make clear a requirement, with whole transform the job to join proper.
Electric data digests new system
New system has a lot of new functions, new requirement, new technology, be familiar with technical data because of before this is transformed, answering, include attempt of systematic principle specification, line, PLC echelon graph and text, installation to debug specification, use manual, process designing manual to wait. Should abundant time undertakes an interpreter to afore-mentioned data (import system) , digest, arrange, check, accomplish clarity of train of thought, distinct.
The changeover of interface of new old system is designed
Transform limits to differ according to every equipment, need to design interface part changeover beforehand, be like what transform entirely, should design Electromechanical to change position of measurement point of contact of part of control of face plate of interface, operation and configuration, interconnection, parameter, maintenance to wait, ask operation and maintenance are convenient, reasonable, circuit trend is clear and coherent, medium small join place is little, interference of strong weak report is the smallest, stock makes rich appropriately the quantity. Local transform, the property that still needs to consider new old system matchs, changeover of position of voltage polarity and size commutation, installation, digital-to-analogue, need to make changeover interface by oneself when necessary.
The technology of personnel of operation, process designing grooms
After machine tool electrical system is transformed, bring new requirement to personnel of operation, process designing necessarily. It is very important to because this shifts to an earlier date to have new system knowledge to operating personnel and process designing personnel,groom, the machine tool after transforming the influence otherwise throws production quickly. Groom content should include implication of configuration of new operation face plate, function, directive commonly; The functional limits of new system, use method reachs the difference with old system; Requirement of care and maintenance; Process designing standard and automation process designing are waited a moment. The key is to do understand, comprehend operation manual and process designing manual.
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