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Machine tool numerical control transforms plan to reach its to carry out
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After transformed feasibility analysis is passed, show with respect to what can be aimed at stage or some a few some machine tools besides transform program certainly, include commonly:
One, concrete step
Machinery is repaired with electric transform photograph band
Generally speaking, need to undertake electric transformed machine tool, need to undertake machinery is repaired. Want to determine repaired requirement, limits, content; Because of,also should decide electric the requirement that transform and needs to undertake rigid structure is transformed, content; Even affirmatory and electric transform repair with machinery, transform the crisscross time requirement between. Of mechanical function in good condition it is electric the base that transforms a success.
First easy hind difficult, first local hind overall situation
When transforming measure certainly, should transform whole and electric part divide into a certain number of stature systems to undertake first, exactly the amount controls a system, measure control of system of system, main shaft, feed, face plate and strong report part to wait, after waiting for each system to shape basically again interconnection finishs whole system to work. Can make transform the job to decrease so omit and accident. In every subsystem job, should do first technical inferior, the job with bigger workload, do next technical tall, the work with careful requirement, make the person's attention can center crucial place.
Select a system according to use condition
Be aimed at stage or some a few some machine tools, decide its environment, temperature, humidity, dirt, power source, light, have even deny rat to feel substandard group use condition, of electrical system of this pair of selections defend function, interference rejection function, can wait from filterability of cool performance, air can provide correct basis, the electrical system after making transform had feasible use to assure. Of course, the choice of electrical system must consider mature product, performance is reasonable, economic, have spare parts and maintenance support, the function is contented and current and a certain number of development inside year will ask to wait henceforth.
Fulfil participate in transform personnel and responsibility
Transforming is project of a system, it is very important that personnel is deployed. Besides the quality condition of personnel, according to the size of the project, decide number and division of labor are crucial reasonably. Personnel is gone against too less begin the work, personnel is too much cause a disorder easily also. According to each subsystem that differentiate, fix personnel responsibility, have advocate have second, facilitating organization and harmonious. If the project is used,combine shaped form external, more below the premise that needs to be made clear in the target, limit division of labor, certain technology coordinates a person.
Those who transform limits and cycle is affirmatory
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