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System of personal computer cable and imperceptible processing technique
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(8) compositive orgnaization (Integrated Mechanism) production technology is latter, small machine appeared a new development trend, use the imperceptible processing technique of circuit of large scale integration namely, compose of all sorts of exquisite personal computer, be like: Small send move implement, small sensor, small controller compositive go up in a silicon chip. It is OK will traditional passive orgnaization turns into active orgnaization, can make the system of personal computer weapon of a complete Electromechanical an organic whole again, the dimension of whole system is expected to narrow a few millimeter come hundreds of micron.

Current situation of research of 3. small system and look into

Chinese MEMS studies only then 1989, in national “ plan period asks 95 ” of 85 ” , “ , got ministry of committee of national science foundation, science and technology, Ministry of Education, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and general assembly have the active support of the ministry, funds total investment is 150 million RMB about. Through development of ten years, our country is carried out in a variety of miniature sensor, miniature implement the foundation with already had certain with the respect such as a certain number of small system prototype and technical reserve, like electron of place of electron of Tsinghua university, Beijing University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, MII 13, south open metallurgy of Shanghai of university, Chinese Academy of Sciences university of traffic of place, Shanghai, Fudan University, electron of university of institute of craft of appearance of instrument of college of industry of grain of place of smooth machine of Changchun of university of Shanghai university, southeast university, Zhejiang university, Chinese science and technology, Xiamen university, Harbin Institute of Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian, Shenyang, Chongqing, MII 24, mix 44 times traffic of 26 place, Xi'an. In miniature inertial parts of an apparatus is mixed inertial measure combination, mechanical volume miniature sensor and send move implement, silicon of robot of small discharge parts of an apparatus and system, biosensor and biology chip, miniature and small operating system, body is small workmanship. Existing technical requirement is initial already form MEMS design, treatment, enclose, the system of one continuous line of the test, provided better platform to make sure the MEMS technology of our country develops further. Anyhow, face MEMS imperceptible processing technique to regard a kind of new and high technology as alive bound got attention highly inside limits, it and union of accept rice technology are together, bring the progress to prospective science and technology revolutionary influence.

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