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System of personal computer cable and imperceptible processing technique
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(Imperceptible electric spark of ① of imperceptible processing technique processes 6) special type. The principle that imperceptible electric spark machines and common electric spark are machined and distinguish without essence. The key that realizes treatment of imperceptible electric spark depends on tiny axis (tool electrode) make, status of the minim servo feed of electrode of power source of tiny energy discharge, tool, treatment detects, systematic control and treatment technique. Use processing technique of imperceptible electric spark, already can machine the imperceptible aperture of the imperceptible axis that gives diametical 2.5μm and 5μm at present, the miniature car pattern that can make long 0.5mm, wide 0.2mm, deep 0.2mm, made miniature car model with its. Can make a diameter be the miniature gear of 0.1mm for 0.3mm, modulus. ② is imperceptible electrochemical machining. Electrochemical machining is one kind uses metallic positive pole deliquescent principle comes to electrochemistry the production technology of purify material, material purify undertakes with ionic and soluble form, technology of this kind of small purify makes what electrochemical machining has imperceptible treatment likely. Somebody machines voltage and electrolyte chroma through reducing, ask unoccupied place control is under 10μm successfully treatment. Use electrode of small canal of jiggle feed and metal, in 0.2mm the alveolus that the treatment on nickel board gave 0.17mm. ③ is imperceptible and supersonic treatment. Be in as the hard fragile data such as pottery and porcelain of crystal silicon, optical glass, project the wide application in small machine, three-dimensional and imperceptible processing technique already became the high accuracy of hard fragile data a main research task. Main bright cuts the method that can be used at hard fragile data to machine at present electrochemical machining, laser beam machining and treatment, electric spark treatment, supersonic treatment. Use supersonic make detailed processing technique, add with workpiece brace up working kind happened a diameter in the treatment on material of project pottery and porcelain the smallest the small hole that is 5μm. Form cutting of ④ tiny laser. Tiny laser form cutting and traditional non-traditional machining kind are different, laser form cutting is not material purify, the method that adds through material however realizes form cutting. What the basis machines material and mechanism is different, laser form cutting can divide statified and figuration of figuration of the solidify that it is light, alternative laser agglomeration, hypostatic modelling to wait for a variety of types.

(7) element assembles a technology (microscope of effect of channel of Molecular Assemblage) scanning (STM) and nuclear power microscope (the resolution that AFM) has 0.01μm, it is the appearance of observation of exterior form appearance with the at present highest precision on the world. Those who use its to measure a needle is most advanced and OK capture element or atom, and can according to the structure with mosaic and particular need, undertake the element assembles the personal computer that make to fetters. American some company operated 1991 xenon is atomic, the model of written characters that gave “IBM” goes all out on nickel board (3) seeing a picture and American map. Modernize of our country Chinese Academy of Sciences learns an institute to also go all out gave model of written characters of “ atom ” (4) seeing a picture and Chinese map. The element assembles a technology is class of rice of a kind of accept small processing technique, it is a kind of microcosmic angle from material will construct small structure, make the method of small machine.
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