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System of personal computer cable and imperceptible processing technique
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(3)LIGA technology LIGA is photoetching of You Dewen Lithographie() , Galvanoformung(electroform figuration) note model with Abformung() the abbreviate statement that these 3 words make, it is a kind of fast small production technology. The geometrical structure that LIGA technology place machines does not accept the restriction of material character and crystallization direction, can make by all sorts of metals material, plastic the small machine that makes. Because this had a very great leap than the processing technique of silicon material. LIGA technology can create the three-dimensional structure that has very old aspect ratio. Fore-and-aft dimension can amount to hundreds micron, the smallest transverse size is 1μm. Dimension precision class of Da Yawei rice, and have very tall verticality, parallelism and repeat precision. LIGA technology includes the following 3 process: Photoetching of ray of X of radiate of ① deep-seated synchronism. The X ray resist that uses ray of synchronous radiate X to pass through film of attack by surprise to be able to amount to 0.5mm to securing the ply on metallic base (photoetching glue) have exposure, make its develop primary pattern plate next, this pattern plate enclothes for film of attack by surprise namely not the resist layer of exposure part, have as same as graph of film of attack by surprise plane geometry figure. ② electroform figuration. Electroform figuration is the method that uses electrodeposit deposit on loose tool metal in order to form a part, loose tool is cathode, the metal that wants electroform makes positive pole. In LIGA technology, hold in the palm carry primary pattern plate (resist structure) metallic base serves as cathode, the material of small structure metal that wants figuration (Ni, cu, ag) serves as positive pole. After electroform, them whole immerge comes off in solvent, undertake cankerous coming off to primary pattern plate, the metallic structure that remain is the small structural member of a demand namely. ③ notes model. the metal that electroform makes small structure regards 2 class as pattern plate, plasticity material infuse the modular antrum of 2 class pattern plate, form small structural member, put forward from inside metal pattern. Also can regard pattern plate reentry as travel electroform with the structural member that form, applied LIGA technology undertakes the batch of three-dimensional small structural member is produced.

(Technology of layer of sacrifice of technology of 4) sacrifice layer also calls detached layer the technology. Sacrificial layer technology is to be on silicon substrate, method of deposit of chemically gas phase forms miniature part, detached layer material is bought on the space all round the component, depart with dissolve or engraving corrode law purify finally layer, make miniature component and substrate detached, this technology also can make as small as substrate appreciably connective machine.

(The important step that extension of 5) denotative technology grows is small machining its characteristic is the any crystalline substance that the denotative layer that grow can hold as identical as underlay to, can undertake on denotative layer consequently all sorts of transverse distributing with fore-and-aft adulteration with corrode treatment, get all sorts of structures in order to make.
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