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System of personal computer cable and imperceptible processing technique
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(3) is small send move implement small send move implement the action that the requirement can complete a need below the drive of dynamical source, commonly used small send move implement tiny a powerful person or family, tiny pump, small switch, small resonator waits. The drive means with small system commonly used drive has: Drive of heating power drive, appearance memory alloy, piezocrystal drive and electrostatic force drive.

(4) miniature parts of an apparatus and systematic application are more is medical treatment and surgical operation equipment, if medicine and sampling miniature pump are used inside man-made organ, body,wait. Miniature robot (1) seeing a picture. Plane of satellite of the miniature navigation system in aerospace domain, miniature, miniature (2) seeing a picture, and small optical system, small discharge measures chip of appearance of color atlas of control system, small gas phase, biology, copy to give birth to parts of an apparatus to wait.

2. imperceptible treatment reachs its key technology

As the development of system of personal computer cable, the great attention of the material science worker that the key that miniature production technology regards implementation as MEMS technology also begins to cause world developed country and industry industry. Want to machine the parts of an apparatus of personal computer report that gives nicety, must want to have corresponding and imperceptible processing technique.

Current, have the following method commonly usedly:

(1) photoetching art (Photolithography) besmears Fu light sends resist on material of matrix of preexistence of this kind of method head (photoetching glue) , use the energy with extremely high limiting resolution next bundle will pass film of attack by surprise to have exposure to sending corrode layer solely (or call photoetching) . After develop, as same as graph of film of attack by surprise extremely imperceptible geometry figure was won on resist layer. Final recycle is other method, can create a miniature structure on workpiece material. The exposure technology that basically uses in photoetching art at present has: Technology of electron beam exposure, ionic technology of bundle of exposure technology, X ray exposure and ultraviolet technology of accurate element exposure.

(2) etchs the technology etchs normally cent is etc to etch and different to etch. Etc to etch the miniature structure that can make appearance of aleatoric and transverse geometry, height is a few micron commonly, be confined to structure of production plane shape. Different to etch the structure of three dimensional space that can create bigger depth to compare, its deepness can amount to hundreds of micron. ① chemical different to etch. Chemistry etchs have distinctive transverse owe etch characteristic, can make material etchs the characteristic that speed relies on crystal orientaton is able to develop adequately. Monocrystalline silicon has the crystallization side with crystallization different way, in alkalescent solution each crystallize existence wears what differ significantly to etch between the face speed. Pass silicon can accuse impure law to introduce very effective etch stop a layer, prevent etch undertake, realize those who have a choice to etch will create small structure. ② is ionic bundle etch. Ionic bundle etch divide again for focusing ion bundle etch and reaction is ionic bundle etch. Focusing is ionic bundle etch when ionic density is A/cm² amount class, can produce a diameter to be inferior the ejaculation of micron bundle, can etch directly to workpiece surface, and can control accurately shoot bundle density and energy. It is to pass a person to shoot ion to deliver momentum and achieve corrode of one by one to eliminate goal of workpiece surface atomic to atom of workpiece material surface, can achieve the production precision of accept rice class consequently. Reaction is ionic bundle etching is a kind of physico-chemical reaction etch method. Its ion gas of a bundle of reaction bundle bring to workpiece surface directly, one kind is formed after producing reaction easy volatilize to rely on ionic kinetic energy easily again and the child of treatment, through reaction gas ion at the same time Shu Jianshe action achieves ejaculation goal. Be a kind inferior the small processing technique of micron class. ③ laser etchs. Laser etchs use YAG laser and accurate element laser normally. At present commonly usedly fluorine changes argon to allow molecular laser and fluorine to change xenon to follow molecular laser. Fluorine changes argon to allow the far ultraviolet radiation that molecular laser produces to stimulate beam of light to etch the polymer hard data of plastic and so on, can etch not only an extremely imperceptible line, and do not produce quantity of heat, material suffers action of focus of beam of light to be in all round mix without thermal diffusion scorch phenomenon. The far ultraviolet radiation that laser of this kind of accurate element produces, its wavelengh is 193nm, repeat frequency to be 1Hz or be more than 1Hz, pulse width is 12ns. A pulse can etch the groove that gives a few micron. Use pulse of this kind of laser, can chase material layer denude will etch an imperceptible line. Fluorine changes xenon to allow the wavelengh of the close ultraviolet radiation that molecular laser produces to be 300nm, its etch the process is, after the silicon chip that is put in chlorine is stimulated ray radiation, chloric element is decomposed for chloric atom, meanwhile, laser radiant electron suffers to be added on chloric atom on silicon chip, form the chloric ion that takes negative electric charge, produce chemical reaction with the silicon atom that takes positive electrical charge again, form the volatile gas of silicon of a kind of 4 chloridize, get rid of through reactor 4 chloridize silicon, offer fresh chlorine, then silicon chip is corroded, do not need sensitive glue to be able to get the figure of a need.
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