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System of personal computer cable and imperceptible processing technique
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Small system is sensor of micro computer compose, miniature, miniature is carried out implement and signal is handled and dominate circuit even interface, communication and report result from the miniature parts of an apparatus of an organic whole or system. The habitual term of small system has: MEMS(MicroElectro-Mechanical System, system of personal computer cable) or MOEMS(is crepuscular Electromechanical system, the United States) , Micro-Machine(personal computer fetterses, japan) , Micro Systems(small system, european) . From its dimension angle, can distribute the small machine that is 1 ~ 10mm, the personal computer of 1μm ~ 1mm fetterses, the accept rice of 1nm ~ 1μm is mechanical. Accordingly, imperceptible processing technique also can be divided for micron class, inferior micron class and accept rice class are machined imperceptibly etc.

MEMS system basically includes miniature sensor, send move implement with corresponding processing unit 3 parts. Regard those who input the nature of signal as all sorts of information, change into telegraphic date through sensor above all, after be being handled through signal (include simulation / the commutation between digital signal) repass is small send move implement produce effect to the outer world. Sensor can achieve energy change, change the signal such as acceleration and heat the telegraphic name that can handle for the system thereby. Send move implement it is signal deals the ground, the statement that control circuit issues fulfils all sorts of functions of people place need automatically. Signal handles a part to be able to undertake the processing such as signal changeover, enlarge and computation according to dominating circuit. This one system is returned can have communication with form and the outside such as smooth, report, magnetism, output signal to show in order to offer, or work in coordination with other system, make a wholer system.

The applied domain of 1.MEMS

Small machine is in undoubtedly biology medicine, accurate instrument, especially space precision of narrow, operation airborne equipment sphere has the aerospace with compositive height of tall, function to use latent capacity tremendously, be considered as a burgeoning technology that faces 21 centuries to be able to apply extensively. The application of small system basically can divide for the following 4 respects:

(1) miniature component machines the three-dimensional miniature component part that give to have through imperceptible processing technique: Small gear, small electromotor, small turbine, small optical parts of an apparatus, small bearing, small bedspring. They are the fundamental machine component of small system. Of the design of small machine and treatment level rise ceaselessly, can make a more and more careful miniature component part.

(Small sensor of 2) small sensor is the MEMS parts of an apparatus that uses the most extensively. Sensor is a kind of aux will be able to the quantity becomes another kind of form from change of a kind of form, be aimed at specific measureable be defeated by factitious user to offer the parts of an apparatus or appliance with a kind of energy out-put practicable. Main sensor type has: Sound wave sensor, biology medicine sensor and biosensor, chemical sensor, optical sensor, pressure sensor, hot sensor.
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