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Use laser flexible to high density circuit board undertakes machining handling
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UV-DPSS laser is in 20kHz is nominal average output power is in below pulse repetition rate 3W above.

CO2Laser (Automation Alternatives)
Sealed CO2Laser can launch wavelengh to be the FIR laser of 10.6μm or 9.4μm, although two wavelengh are like to get together by dielectric easily acyl inferior amine film base material is absorbed, but research shows with 9.4μm wavelengh machines effect of this kind of material to be close friends more. The absorption of dielectric 9.4μm wavelengh coefficient is taller, come with this one wavelengh bore or cut material are faster than using 10.6μm wavelengh. 9.4μm laser reachs the dominant position when cut in bore not only apparent, section effect is very outstanding also, the laser that uses shorter wavelengh consequently can improve productivity and quality.
Generally speaking, FIR wavelengh is absorbed easily by dielectric, but can be reflexed to come back by copper, so great majority CO2Laser shapes with the treatment at dielectric, section and dielectric base material and layer pressing plate are statified. As a result of CO2The output power of laser is higher than DPSS laser, most circumstance issues use CO2Laser will machine dielectric. CO2Laser and UV-DPSS laser often are united in wedlock rise use, getting for example small cross Kong Shi, use layer of copper of DPSS laser take out above all, next reoccupy CO2Laser is quickly in dielectric layer bore, till layer of next Fu copper appears,repeat this process again.
Because wavelengh of UV laser itself is very short, the spot that so it shoots compares CO2Of laser careful, but the CO in certain applying2The big diameter spot that laser produces is more useful than UV-DPSS laser. The bedding face such as excision chamfer, diamonds accumulates material or drill large hole for example (when the diameter is more than 50μm) , with CO2Place of laser beam machining needs time shorter. Generally speaking, CO is used when bore diameter is bigger than 50μm2Laser beam machining is more appropriate, it is better that when bore diameter is less than 50μm, UV-DPSS laser effect is used.

UV-DPSS laser
Dielectric and copper absorb output wavelengh easily to be the UV-DPSS laser of 355nm. UV-DPSS laser compares CO2The spot of laser small and output power is low, in dielectric laser of the UV-DPSS in machining a process is used at small size normally (be less than 50μm) craft, because this wants to be spent in high density flexible what the diameter machines to be less than 50μm on circuit board base material is small cross aperture, the laser that use UV is very ideal. There already was high-power UV-DPSS laser now, can raise the treatment of UV-DPSS laser and bore rate.
The advantage of UV-DPSS laser is his when photon of high energy UV is illuminated on layer of most metalloid surface, can break molecular link directly, with “ craft of cold ” photoetching makes cut brim flowing, at the same time heat damages and scorch degree is the smallest, so treatment of UV small cut is applied to cannot or the high demand situation that need not have an aftertreatment.
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