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Use laser flexible to high density circuit board undertakes machining handling
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Graph 2: Use the opening that UV laser gives in the 鑽 on Kapton

CO2Laser also can be used in all technology of film of form attack by surprise is gotten small cross aperture. When using this kind of technology, regard attack by surprise as film cupreous surface, use first common presswork corrode a method above etch an aperture, next CO2Stimulate beam of light to be illuminated on the aperture of Copper Foil, get rid of those reveal exposed dielectric data.
The method that uses accurate element laser to pass film of umbriferous attack by surprise also can be made small cross aperture, this technology needs small cross aperture or the image map of whole small array crossing aperture arrives on base material, allow an element to stimulate film of attack by surprise of illuminate of beam of light to make map of graph of film of attack by surprise arrives next base material surface, give Kong Zuan thereby. The quality of bore of accurate element laser is very good, its defect is speed low, cost is high.

Laser choice
Although treatment is flexible,the laser type of circuit board is mixed those who machine rigid PCB is same, but material pledges and parameter of treatment of can great influence mixes the difference on ply speed. Some moment can use accurate element laser and transverse and incentive gas (TEA)CO2Laser, but rate of these two kinds of methods is slow, uphold charge tall, restricted productivity rise. Rise quite, as a result of CO2With UV-DPSS laser utility wide, speed fast and cost base, because this is flexible circuit board is small aperture is made and machine too shape to still basically use these two kinds of laser.
With air current CO2Laser is different, sealed type CO2Laser was used piece release a technology, make limitation of laser gas mixture is inside the laser tune that plate gauge of two rectangular electrode decides, laser antrum is in whole service life (make an appointment with 2 ~ 3 years normally) during it is sealed. Structure of sealed laser antrum is compact, do not need take a breath, laser head can work continuously 25, 000 hours of above and need not safeguard. The biggest advantage of sealed design is to be able to produce fast pulse, be like piece those who release laser to be able to give out power peak value to be 1.5kW is high frequency (100kHz) pulse. Use high frequency rate and power of high peak value to be able to undertake be machined quickly and won't causing any heat to degrade.
UV-DPSS laser is one kind uses laser diode array acerbity neodymium of successive and inspiratory vanadium (Nd: The solid parts of an apparatus of YVO4) crystal club, it by acousto-optic Q switch generates pulse output, change Nd with generator of 3 harmonic crystal: The output of YVO4 laser, will output from 1, 064nm
IR basic wavelengh falls for 355nm UV wavelengh. Usually 355nm
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