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Use laser flexible to high density circuit board undertakes machining handling
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◆ section
“ section ” is used is to use laser to get rid of from a material for cant the treatment process of another material. This kind of craft has not suited again to laser, usable with in front dielectric of identical purify of vector scanning technology, show the electric solder below dish, right now the high accuracy of laser beam machining reflects a huge gain again. Because FIR laser ray can be reflexed by Copper Foil, so here uses CO normally2Laser.

◆ bore
Although some places still are using power drill aperture, punch or plasma to etch now,wait for a method to form small via, but a kind when laser bore still uses the most extensively flexible circuit board is small method of Guo Kongcheng form, main reason is because of its productivity tall, flexibility reachs normal run time by force to grow.
Power drill aperture and punch use high accuracy broach and pattern, can be in flexible the hole that the diameter makes be close to 250μm on circuit board, but these high accuracy equipment are very costly, and opposite for life is briefer. Because high density is flexible,circuit board place needs bore diameter smaller than 250μm, so power drill aperture is not valued.
Use plasma etchs can get together thickly in 50μm acyl inferior what dimension makes be less than 100μm on amine film base material is small cross aperture, but installation cost and process cost are quite high, plasma etchs the maintenance of craft cost is very high also, especially processing of a few chemical trash and easy bad news are tasted wait for relevant charge, in addition plasma etchs the time ability with the quite long need when building new technology is made consistent and reliable small cross aperture. The advantage of this kind of craft is dependability tall, the small percent of pass crossing aperture that makes according to reporting it is achieved 98% , because this is in medical treatment and aviation electron equipment, plasma etchs treatment or the market with have particular.
Under photograph comparing, make with laser small crossing aperture is a kind of simple low cost craft. Laser installation cost is very low, and laser is tool of contact of a kind of blame, unlike machinery bore can have the tool with costly brushstroke to change in that way charge. In addition, CO of contemporary and sealed type2With UV-DPSS laser be maintenance-free, can reduce machine down time the smallest, improved productivity greatly.
Be in flexible the generation on circuit board is small the method that crosses aperture and like going up in rigid PCB, but the difference as a result of base material and ply, a few important parameter of laser need a change. Sealed CO2Can use the vector scanning technology like be the same as processing to be in with UV-DPSS laser flexible on circuit board direct bore, only difference is bore application software is scanning illuminator from small cross aperture to sweep to another laser of lieutenant general of small process crossing aperture is put out, beam of light is stimulated to just be opened when reaching another bore place only. The sex of Kong Chuizhi Yu Rou to make make surface of circuit board base material, stimulate beam of light must perpendicular according to it is on circuit board base material, this is OK accomplish through system of far heart lens is being used between scanning illuminator and base material (graph 2) .
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