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Use laser flexible to high density circuit board undertakes machining handling
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The tremendous growth of afore-mentioned each domains makes the whole world flexible the crop of circuit board also increases accordingly. Like hard disk year sale predicts to will achieve 345 million 2004, double was 1999 almost, the estimation that the mobile telephone guards in the sales volume 2005 also is 600 million, these growth bring about high density flexible the crop of circuit board predicts to will increase every year 35% , achieve 3.5 million square metre to 2002. So high output demand needs to have the treatment technology of efficient low cost, technology of laser beam machining is among them one of.
Laser is in flexible there are 3 main functions in circuit board production process: Treatment shapes (cut and excision) , section and bore. Laser is not contact to machine a tool as a kind, can in a very small central issue (high strenth light energy brings to bear on on 100 ~ 500μm) (650mW/mm2) , so high energy can use pair of material to undertake cut, bore, make number, solder, underline etc all sorts of treatment, treatment speed and quality and the laser character that are used by treatment material property and place if width of power of density of wavelengh, energy, peak value, pulse and frequency about. Flexible circuit board treatment is used ultraviolet (outside UV) He Yuangong (FIR) laser, former use accurate element or solid state of riverside of UV diode pump normally (UV-DPSS) laser, and latter uses sealed type CO commonly2Laser.

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◆ treatment shapes
Tall use of precision of laser beam machining is extensive, it is to undertake flexible circuit board shapes the ideal tool of processing. It is CO no matter2Laser still is DPSS laser, focusing hind can process data aleatoric form. It is passed in galvanometric on installation illuminator focusing hind stimulate beam of light to shoot workpiece surface anyplace (graph 1) , technology of recycle vector scanning has computerized numerical control to check shedding watch (CNC) , and software of CAD/CAM of have the aid of makes cut figure. ” of soft tool of this kind of “ can is opposite conveniently when the design is changed laser makes instantaneous control. Use the cut tool that to shrinking solely to the limit of one's capacity mixes all sorts of differring to undertake modulatory, laser beam machining can reveal blueprint form accurately again, this is another its distinct advantage.
Vector scans but cut gets together acyl inferior the base material of amine film and so on, cut whole circuit or purify circuitry board a certain area that go up if a chamfer or a diamonds. Shape in treatment in the process, illuminator scanning stimulates beam of light when whole treatment surface is opened all the time, this and bore craft are contrary, secure when illuminator only when bore just open in the laser after every bore position.
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