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Use laser flexible to high density circuit board undertakes machining handling
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Flexible circuit board has economic space, reduce weight and flexibility advanced and a lot of advantage, the whole world is right flexible the demand of circuit board year after year increases. The article is aimed at flexible the characteristic that circuit board expects is qualitative, the introduction uses laser beam machining high density is flexible a few problems of circuit board and consideration of key of the need when undertaking small bore crossing aperture.
High density is flexible circuit board is whole and flexible a part of circuit board, common definition is less than 200μm for line span or small those who cross aperture to be less than 250μm is flexible circuit board. High density is flexible the applied field of circuit board is very wide, wait like telegraphic, computer, integrated circuit and medical treatment equipment.
Flexible the character with circuit particular board makes its synthesize what for tigidity circuit board reachs traditional wiring plan to replace kind in a variety of field, at the same time it also promoted the development of a lot of new fields. Flexible the part with circuit board the rapiddest growth is driver of computer hard disk (HDD) in-house jumper. Hard disk magnetic head is rotating dish piece on around shift scans, usable and flexible circuit replaces lead to realize mobile magnetic head and control line the join between road board. Hard disk manufacturer calls “ suspension through a kind flexible board the technology of ”(FOS) raises yield and reduce assemble cost, have better aseismatic sex without technology of lead in suspension in addition, can raise product reliability. Another kind of high density that uses in hard disk is flexible circuit board is in-house join type flexible board (Interposer Flex) , use between suspension and controller.
Flexible circuit board grows speed to rank second domain is new-style integrated circuit is enclosed. Chip class is enclosed (module of CSP) , much chip (MCM) and flexible the chip on circuit board is enclosed (COF) should use flexible circuit, the market that type line joins inside CSP among them especially tremendous, because it can be used in semiconductor device and shine fast memory go up and use extensively at assistant of number of PCMCIA card, disk drive, individual (in camera of machine of PDA) , mobile telephone, notify sb of a phone call, number and digital camera. In addition, LCD (LCD) , get together fat film switch and ink box of ink jet printer are high density flexible additionally 3 of circuit board fast growth use a field.
Flexible line technology is in portable device (like the mobile telephone) medium market potential is very great, this is very natural, because these equipment requirement volume are minor weight is light in order to cater to the demand of consumer; Besides, flexible newest application of the technology still includes flat monitor and medical treatment facility, design personnel can use it to reduce a product (if Acousticon and human body are embedded device) bulk and weight.
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