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Be based on sheet piece the pace of machine is controlled into the optimization
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The introduction uses closed circuit pace to enter electric machinery the shortest time is best pilot a kind of new method, put forward a pace to enter electromotor model of best pilot maths and best control are politic, give out use sheet piece machine implementation is best pilot hardware and software technology, via industrial control systematic application makes clear, the best control that offer has good control performance.

1, foreword

The pace enters electric machinery is one kind changes electric pulse signal into corresponding angular displacement (or displacement of the lines) Electromechanical component. The control system that uses a pace to be formed into electric machinery has the price low, control it is simple, easy to safeguard wait for an advantage, mix as the microcomputer especially the development of microelectronics technology, make the pace gets into electric machinery the more wide application, moving property that also takes electric machinery to the pace at the same time raised taller requirement, so logical choice pace submits the control method of electric machinery, the character of service that enters electric machinery to developing a condition adequately had positive effect. Take the best control of electric machinery to obtain a condition, make control a system to have low cost, the best switch time that the article used best control to theory studies and introduce a pace to control voltage into electric machinery and use sheet piece machine executive control is politic.

2, the pace enters electric machinery the mathematical model of best control problem

When reaching its drive power source and load to already decided into electric machinery when the pace, electric machinery starts the accident that stops a process with decelerate quickly to be concerned with control pulse alignment merely. If can find array of pulse of a group of best control, make start quicken and decelerate inactive course is the shortest, with respect to the best control that can come true to enter electric machinery to the pace.

In oversight the circumstance of a few minor factors falls, the balance equation that the pace enters electric machinery torsion can simplify for:

The — in type—The pace outputs torsion maximum into electric machinery
——Total laden torsion
J ——Total moment of inertia
θ——The pace takes place of electric machinery runner shaftF(θ) ——Correspondence distributings at the static torsion of θ

Set a pace to turn into electric machinery pace of N of need of a tine, the drive pulse that U represents every step (for example, three-phase pace enters electric machinery, use 6 pat run mode, criterion N=6, u=0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, correspondence is) of photograph of A, AB, B, BC, C, CA at controlling voltage, because total laden torsion distributings to curvilinear appearance is not worth change along with U and change, consequently, type (1) but described as:
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