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Numerical control technology applies mediumly in magnetism bearing
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Main shaft of in suspension of article introduction magnetism fastens the composition of all and working principle, offerred the design of new-style number controller of a kind of intelligent PID controller on groovy PID foundation. Its core component is the TMS320LF2407A of TI company, the hardware that designed 5 freedom to spend system of main shaft of magnetism in suspension is overall block diagram. Regard development as platform with C2000, design the intelligent PID controller on groovy PID foundation. Theoretical analysis makes clear as a result: Controller of PID of this kind of intelligence can achieve better control result, achieve higher control precision demand.

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Bearing of active magnetism in suspension (AMB, bearing of magnetism of the following abbreviation) it is collect numerous door course at an organic whole, can reflect the product of Electromechanical unifinication most. Bearing of magnetism in suspension and traditional bearing photograph compare have the following advantage: Without the contact, without attrition, high rate, high accuracy. After traditional bearing uses time to grow, wear away serious, must change, can lengthen to oil-lubricated bearing service life, but time became long oily circumstance of inevitable meeting occurrence leakage, cause an effect to the environment, this hang float bearing to be able to avoid to magnetism, it can say is a kind of environmental protection model product. And magnetism bearing has research sense not only, still have very vast application space: The domain such as aerospace, traffic, medical treatment, machining. Abroad already had many applied example.

System of bearing of magnetism in suspension is by the following 5 parts composition: Controller, rotor, electro-magnet, sensor and power amplifier. Among them most crucial part is controller. The function of controller basically decided the function of system of bearing of whole magnetism in suspension. The control law of controller decided the dynamic function of magnetism bearing system and stiffness, damp and stability. Controller divides again it is two kinds: Imitate controller and digital controller. Although the imitate controller that uses although home is current extensively satisfied systematic stability on certain level, but imitate controller and digital controller are not worth below than having: (one) adjust no-go, (2) realize complex control hard, (3) the control that cannot realize two to reach two above freedom to spend at the same time, (4) interchangeability is poor, the controller that bearing must have the magnetism in suspension that differs namely to answer relatively, (5) power comsumption volume is big, large wait. Magnetism bearing should receive wide application, the online adjustment of imitate controller function difference has to say is one of its reasons, accordingly, digitlizing direction is the development trend of magnetism bearing. In the meantime, the intelligence that should implement magnetism bearing system is changed, apparent imitate controller is the requirement that satisfies this respect hard. Accordingly from raise magnetism bearing those who enhance controller is function, dependability, flexible and reduce bulk, power comsumption and will change direction to develop isogon to spend toward network, intelligence henceforth, must realize controller digitlization. Will nearly 30 years control gets flying development theoretically and obtain wide application. The control law of controller of bearing of magnetism in suspension considers to be in some closer year also obtained striking progress, the control law that at present abroad involves has: Groovy PID and PD control, wait from control of adaptive control, H∞ , the control law that home involves basically is groovy PID and PD control and H∞ control, but the pertinent information that H∞ control uses successfully in system of bearing of magnetism in suspension has not appeared in the newspaper.
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