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The machining characteristic of all sorts of composite material
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One, glass reinforced plastics

Glass reinforced plastics is fibre glass enhances hot solid sex the common of composite material weighs colophony radical, belong to difficult cutting material. Glass reinforced plastics has phenolic aldehyde colophony radical, epoxy resin base, colophony of not saturated polyester base etc. The bases of fibre glass filling is SiO2, hard wear-resisting, intensity is high, heat-resisting, what make filling than wooden pink is plastic can cut sexual difference. Colophony matrix is different, but cutting sex is not identical also. Epoxy resin base than phenolic aldehyde colophony radical difficult cutting. The experiment proves, the cutting tool material of cutting glass reinforced plastics wears away with high-speed steel the most serious, p kind reach M kind hard alloy wears away big also, with K kind wear away the smallest. K kind in measure least K10 in order to contain cobalt again most wear-resisting caustic, and change cutting of boracic cutting tool to machine glass reinforced plastics with diamond or cubic nitrogen, can improve manufacturing efficiency greatly. When choosing parameter of cutting tool geometry, material of plank of tall to fibre glass content glass reinforced plastics, mould pressing and twine material, make R0=20~25° ; Twine material to fiber, make R0 = 20~30° . Because resilience of glass reinforced plastics is bigger, horn should pick great value after, make A0 = 8~14° ; Deputy slant somes part is small, can reduce exterior surface roughness, 6~8° is when fine vehicle. Machine an easy delamination, cottony canal and fiber to twine glass reinforced plastics, should use 6~15° blade dip angle. 40~100m/min of = of the V when cutting, f = 0.1~0.5 Mm/r, AP = 0.5~3.5mm, 0.05~0.2mm of = of the AP when fine vehicle.

2, thermoplastic colophony radical composite material

Thermoplastic colophony radical the primary treatment characteristic of composite material machining is:

1) adds man-hour to add refrigerant, in order to avoid overheat, overheat can make workpiece fused;

2) uses high speed cutting;

3) cutting cutting tool should have the chamfer discharging bits of sufficient capacity;

4) uses amount of small back penetration of a cutting tool and small feed;

5) lathe tool should the dip with certain wear, with reducing force of cutting tool cutting and thrust as far as possible;

6) is thermoplastic composite material bore uses twist drill;

7) should use carbonization tungsten or corundum cutting tool, or with special plastic with high-speed steel cutting tool;

8) workpiece must proper bearing (back fills up solid) , what cause in order to avoid cutting pressure is statified;

When 9) nicety machining, want to consider the room temperature of plasticity memory and job shops;

10) knife head and cutting tool want sharp, blunt cutting tool can increase the cutting power on workpiece.
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