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Arc of plasma cut Electromechanical does not stabilize breakdown to analyse
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The stability of arc of plasma cut Electromechanical is affecting cut quality directly, plasma electric arc does not stabilize a phenomenon, can cause rift uneven, accumulate the blemish such as tumour, the relevant component life that also can cause control system is reduced, nozzle, electrode changes often. Be aimed at this phenomenon, undertake an analysis and put forward to settle way.

1. Atmospheric pressure is too low
When plasma cut mechanic is made, if the job is baric what ask under manual place far is baric, the ejective rate that this means plasma arc is abate, input air flow is less than a regulation to be worth, cannot form the plasma arc of high-energy quantity, high rate right now, cause cut quality thereby poor, cut do not appear, the phenomenon of cut accumulating tumour. The reason of baric inadequacy has: Pneumatics machine inputs air to be not worth, control valve of cut machine air is pressure regulating too low, have inside electromagnetism a powerful person smeary, gas district is illogical free.
The means of settlement is, the attention before using observes pneumatics machine outputs pressure to show, if do not accord with a requirement, can adjust pressure or overhaul pneumatics machine. If input atmospheric pressure to already amounted to a requirement, should check air to filter the adjustment of pressure-relief valve is correct, gauge pressure shows whether contented cut requirement. Should filter to air otherwise pressure-relief valve undertakes daily care and maintenance, ensure input air is dry, without smeary. If input air quality to differ, can cause the generation inside electromagnetism a powerful person smeary, open of core of a powerful person is difficult, mouth of a powerful person cannot be opened completely. Additional, atmospheric pressure of cutting torch nozzle is too low, still need to change electromagnetism a powerful person; Sectional decrescent also can create gas district atmospheric pressure is too low, can ask to change by the manual tracheal.

2. Baric and exorbitant
If input air pressure to exceed 0.45MPa far, after forming plasma arc, too big air current can be blown medicinal powder centralized arc column, make arc column energy dispersive, abate the cut intensity of plasma arc. Cause baric and exorbitant reason to have: Input air adjusts undeserved, air filters pressure-relief valve adjustment is exorbitant or air filters pressure-relief valve invalidation.
The means of settlement is, whether is pressure of examination pneumatics machine adjusted appropriate, pneumatics machine and air filter the pressure of pressure-relief valve is maladjusted. After switching on the mobile phone, if rotate,air filters switch of pressure-relief valve adjustment, gauge pressure is invariant, demonstrative air filters pressure-relief valve is out of order, need to change.

3. Cutting torch nozzle and electrode burn caustic
Because nozzle installation is improper, if silk is buckled,did not go up close, equipment is blocked each adjust undeserved, when the cutting torch that requires the refrigeration that use water is working, the cooling water that did not connect flow by the requirement and remove arc often, can cause nozzle damage prematurely.
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